Saudi fringe-fingered lizard (Acanthodactylus gongrorhynchatus)

Saudi fringe-fingered lizard on sand
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Saudi fringe-fingered lizard fact file

Saudi fringe-fingered lizard description

GenusAcanthodactylus (1)

The Saudi fringe-fingered lizard (Acanthodactylus gongorhynchatus) has remarkable ‘fringes’ of elongated scales on each toe, and a long, fragile tail, enabling the lizard to move easily across the loose, shifting surface of sandy deserts. A small to medium sized reptile, the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard has a long, cylindrical body, with well-defined rows of smooth, rectangular scales on the belly (2) (4) (5). It is usually fairly pale in colour, with a bold, brown stripe running along the body. As a juvenile, the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard has a blue tail, which changes to blue-white with age (2) (3).

Acanthodactylus fraseri.

Saudi fringe-fingered lizard biology

There is very little information available on the biology of the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard; however, it is thought that the sand-dwelling species of the Acanthodactylus genus may rely heavily on ants as prey (3). A study on the evolution of lizard toe fringes has found that, contrary to most other ‘fringed’ reptile species, the fringes of the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard are different shapes on either side of the toe, with ‘triangular’ shaped scales on one side, and ‘projecting’ scales on the other (9).  


Saudi fringe-fingered lizard range

The Saudi fringe-fingered lizard is known from eastern Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (2) (6) (7).


Saudi fringe-fingered lizard habitat

Occurring in arid regions, the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard is primarily a sand-dwelling species (2) (3). It has also been reported from the sabkhas (salt flats) of the UAE, where it may occasionally forage (8).


Saudi fringe-fingered lizard status

The Saudi fringe-fingered lizard is classified as Data Deficient (DD) on the IUCN Red List (1).

IUCN Red List species status – Data Deficient


Saudi fringe-fingered lizard threats

Relatively little is currently known about the distribution and status of the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard. However, in parts of the United Arab Emirates it is believed to be under threat from real estate development (1).


Saudi fringe-fingered lizard conservation

There are no known specific conservation measures currently in place for the Saudi fringe-fingered lizard, but it occurs in a number of protected areas in the United Arab Emirates (1).

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Saudi fringe-fingered lizard on sand  
Saudi fringe-fingered lizard on sand

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Dr Drew Gardner


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